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Your internal editor isn't always right.


Stop crying. Let us worry about your book.


We can hear you. You're reading the same words over and over again. Or maybe you're sitting in your room alone staring at the blank page. Perhaps you're on your bed thinking about all the ways your manuscript can be made better. We hear you and we're here to help you. We provide editing services, blogs with interviews, and writing resources.

Writing shouldn't involve tears. Let us help you.

Tell Tell will take your poem and ask just the right questions and suggest just the right directives to mold your poem into something you envisioned, but were unable to execute on your own. Tell Tell’s insights are unending.
— Dorothy
Kallie is an editor extraordinaire! Tell Tell’s feedback helped me turn my little sow’s ear into a silk purse (which is supposed to be impossible).
It’s hard to tell whether Kallie is a natural and poetry pumps through her veins, or if she’s tuned her craft so finely that it’s become second nature. I am so glad I found Tell Tell Poetry and had the opportunity to work with them on my collection. I couldn’t recommend her more.
— Tatiana F
Kallie is rare among editors and manuscript consultants for her ability to pinpoint how a poem can be strengthened on its own terms.
— A.C.

Don't let it wait any longer. Let's do this.