Polish your poetry book into a publishable collection. |

Polish your poetry book into a publishable collection.

Polish your poetry collection

You have bits of a book . . . or maybe you even have the whole thing written. And you've shown it to your friends who all say the same thing: share this book! But you're not really sure where to go from here. Are your poems working? Is the title as strong as it could be? Are your line breaks working? Hold on and come over. We'll give you what you've been waiting for.

What you'll get:

A collection with a narrative arc that makes sense.
Interesting line breaks that surprise (or hold back!)
A keen eye on the language in your poems.
A title that makes your book sound as good as it is.
Multiple rounds of proofreading.
New ways to talk about your work.
Detailed suggestions on next steps.
Specific critique suggestions to help you improve each poem.
A support team/cheerleader/critical eye/poetry friend who supports your vision.

Tell Tell Poetry helped me figure out places in my work that needed strengthening. With Tell Tell's help, my manuscript has been selected as a finalist in a contest. I could not be more grateful.

— Tatiana
Right for you if . . .

You're scared your work isn't good enough.

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