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      Blue Man by Anonymous

      Alone he walks in the dark blue streets.
      In the coldness and fear of the dark blue nights.
      The blue man alone always reaches,
      The old blue river where he will be affright.

      He stands there and think about all the old nights,
      When he thought of ending things for the final time.
      He always knew it would end by the river,
      But he never thought it will end tonight.

      What we love about it

      This poem does a great job of creating a moody atmosphere, and the language pairs well with the dark vision that's created.

      Suggestions to strengthen

      What were those lonely nights? Could the title do a bit more of the heavy lifting by providing more context to what this blue man's life was like?

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      The course was a wonderful, immersive poetry experience. Each week, Kallie put together thorough and helpful online resources, incredible poems to study together, interviews that added dimension and depth to each module, as well as intelligent and incisive line editing on my own poetry.

      — Adina Kopinsky

      If you’re looking to uplevel your work, I highly recommend Hone Your Craft!

      — Sarah Cooke
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      — Mandy Wallace

      If you are at all considering having another pair of eyes look at your work, have it be Tell Tell Poetry. They'll undoubtedly help you pinpoint the areas to strengthen your writing and in doing so, you’ll watch yourself flourish as a reader and writer faster than you ever thought possible.

      — Tyler Kline
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