Self-publish your poetry collection in 90 days.* |

Self-publish your poetry collection in 90 days.*

Wow! Your book is almost there, but it's not really a book book, is it? Let's take it to its final incarnation.
Self-publish your poetry

What you'll get:

A book design that matches your vision.
A stunning blurb from a real human who read and loved your book.
A team who understands the whole “mmm can you make this yellow and that bit gold and the other piece red” thing.
ISBN support (yeah...we'll handle it for you).
Expert advice on the best platform for you based on your goals.
A printed proof copy so you can feel your beautiful creation before it goes live.
Marketing ideas that you can use without feeling like a sellout.
PR support--we'll shout your book out to the right audiences.
Proofreading, critique, arrangement suggestions, (whew), line edits, and more!

I felt safe knowing that my work would be valued as art and I would receive the guidance and expertise I needed from editing to publishing all under one roof.

— Francesca Marais

It was a pleasure working with Tell Tell. Their editing was professional, well thought out and fast. Their revision suggestions were of extreme value and drastically improved many of my poems.

— George Yapuncich

Thanks to Tell Tell Poetry, I have grown so much not only as a writer but also in learning about the business of publishing!

— Serge Dahan

"Honestly, I don't think I ever would have gotten this far without your wonderful advice. You have definitely proven time and again that behind every great man is an even better woman! You rock! I also appreciate you pushing me to further this poem. I really needed that."

— Daniel Fraire
Right for you if . . .

You don't know what to do with all your poems.

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Get help submitting your work
Discover your strongest poems and watch them find their new home.

- Select poems for submission

- Discover places to submit to

- Get a professional cover letter and bio

- Submit your poems strategically

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Get help marketing your work
Connect with a community that's as excited about your work as you are.

- Get your press kit

- Find contests, agents, and magazines to share your work with

- Make a name for yourself without doing the hard work

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Get a second set of eyes
Make sure your work is free of errors

- Copy edit your work before it's published

- Have a second set of eyes on your work before you take the next step

- Have someone proofread your poems before you send them out

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Get 1:1 support
Chat 1:1 for publishing, editing, and poetry support today.

- Get your publication questions answered

- Get professional feedback on your questions

- Receive editing support today

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