Last Bad Habit.

by George Yapuncich

George had been working on his second collection for a long time, and when it was time to publish, he came back to Tell Tell for support.

What he wanted:

A second poetry collection that would do justice to his work

What he had:

A series of poems and (finally) time to focus on them

What we did

Arrangement suggestions
Critique letter
ePub development

It's all coming together...

When George first reached out about his book, he had a bold idea in mind—he wanted a cigarette butt on the front of his book . . . a great image for a book about habits, right? We thought so too. He mentioned that his poems “are a reflection on the world around [me].” When he wrote the poems, they were mostly free-form poems inspired by day-to-day life, though his life as a pastor, husband, father, poet, and part-time farmer is hardly ordinary.

We were already familiar with George’s previous work, so we knew what we were in for and couldn’t wait to jump in! We got started by reading his collection, exploring a new potential arrangement, and providing some cover ideas based on George’s original vision.

Even though George’s book is about becoming our best selves and kicking habits, he had us hooked from the first draft. His fine meditations on nature, family, and faith offered a window into a unique life that we didn’t want to stop looking through.

Over a few whirlwind rounds of critique and revision, we helped coax out the book’s themes by creating an overall structure that demonstrated how the things we do—our habits, memories, and loves—and the things we surround ourselves with make us who we are. And, as George’s book reveals, our identities are always in process, always unfolding amid the seemingly ordinary.


“Taking a ride in my car

Yet the road is unknown

Directions to the mysterious

Is what I am searching for


Yet the road is unknown

Ah, the excitement

Is what I am searching for

Before or behind me”


George was already a published and talented poet, so our work with him focused on turning up the volume on the music in his words and refining his vision. George’s work ethic and dedication to the craft of poetry made the process a breeze, and before we knew it, the book had come together beautifully.

Ready to publish his second collection...

After self-publishing his first book with Tell Tell, George knew exactly what he wanted the second time around. We mocked up potential covers, decided on a font that would help convey the book’s themes, and crafted a blurb to showcase his vision. We worked swiftly in order to release his book around Christmas 2020, and he was able to share his work with his family and friends.

We also connected to feature him in our Ugh! COVID series.

But the best part is having George part of the Tell Tell Poetry fam and helping him share his work with his ya know . . . flesh-and-blood family!

"This was the second time I used Tell Tell and both experiences were great. I especially liked the personal attention. Tell Tell not only greatly improved my Last Bad Habit poems but assisted with the cover and book format as well and got it published online."
- George

Stop making excuses. Make it happen.