Your poetry resource site and poetry publishing support team.

Tell Tell Poetry is a down-to-earth poetry team that's excited to help secret poets become published authors. Whether you're new to this or you've done it all before, we're here to help handle the boring parts (ISBN, ugh) and make the fun parts (design!? edits?!) more fun.

Can we brag for a bit?

Our editors have been published in:
Verse Daily
Black Warrior Review
The Journal
Puerto del Sol
Hotel Amerika
Paper Darts
Asymptote Journal
Josephine Quarterly
Amazon’s Day One
Forklift Ohio
American Poetry Review
. . . and elsewhere
We’re highly sought-after.

We’ve been offered residencies from Can Serrat, Ventspils Writer's Residency, and elsewhere.

We're also on the other side of things.

We edit for magazines like December Mag, Cherry Tree, and others.

We know more than words.

Our design team has worked for publishing houses in the US and Portugal.

But we know that awards and famous clients don't really matter. What matters is how we talk to each other, how much care we put in to your work, how we handle delicate matters that you share in your work, and how we treat each other. We are not here to tear your work apart. We're here to cheer you on and help your work become as strong as you are. And then we're here to mail you cookies on your launch day.

You're serious about your book. We're serious about you.

I felt supported, understood, and appreciated, and my work was treated with respect. Tell Tell Poetry helped me figure out places in my work that needed strengthening. With Tell Tell's help, my manuscript has been selected as a finalist in a contest. I could not be more grateful.

— Tatiana Forero Puerta

I had a terrific experience working with Tell Tell Poetry. Kallie was very generous, energetic, and encouraging with her feedback on my first ever poetry collection. The team was quick to respond to questions and e-mails with support for the best possible, intelligently processed outcome. I would recommend Tell Tell Poetry to those looking to publish a beautiful book!

— Lindsay Berg

Stop making excuses. Make it happen.