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Joyce Stein | The Collected Works of Joyce Stein

The Collected Works of Joyce Stein is more than a poetry collection. It's Joyce's entire oeuvre--a collection of work she had written over her long and full life, and her son, Barney, needed a way to commemorate it.

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Mystikal Blue Casares | Wanting & Bearing

While living thousands of miles away from his native San Antonio, Mystikal began to journal and sketch new hybrid work, allowing poems and illustrations to evolve in conversation with one another.

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Biman Roy | Navigating the Quartz Forest

Inspired by his teenage daughter’s cryptic scraps of handwritten notes, Biman wanted to create a collection of poems that imagined the world of which he only saw lined slivers.

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Francesca Marais | Emerge

“This process was eye opening and self-expository, but it was powerful.”

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Noelle Cannon | Sunspot

Noelle had been writing the poems that would eventually become Sunspot for a long time, and she wanted to gain the knowledge to finally publish her first collection.

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