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Erica Boone, Language of Vibrant Earth

After experiencing her own spiritual breakthrough, Erica wanted to share deeper truths to inspire and guide others on the same path.

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J Patrick, Psalms of Light

An engineer by profession, and a poet at heart, J Patrick wanted to let his creative side shine.

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Francesca Marais, Emerge

“This process was eye opening and self-expository, but it was powerful.”

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Sarah Flame, The Lady of the Roses

Sarah Flame had a single goal: to create, write, polish, and publish a collection of poems. In one year.

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Justin Scribner, every grain of sand

Justin was looking for support for his collection of haiku, poetry, and short stories, and he needed someone to proofread, revise, edit, and help him publish his work.

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Noelle Cannon, Sunspot

Noelle had been writing the poems that would eventually become Sunspot for a long time, and she wanted to gain the knowledge to finally publish her first collection.

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