Watching Myself Die.

by Tekeyah Hall

Watching Myself Die marks an impressive debut speaking acutely to the fractured natures of love and identity. Like the book’s opening line—“She was born from a spark”—the rest of the collection blazes with possibility.

What she wanted:

To honor her dream of publishing work that helps other young women feel less alone.

What she had:

A collection of prose and poems crafted over many years.

What we did

Arrangement suggestions
Critique Letter
ePub Development
Blurb Creation
Pricing Development
PR Kit

“You definitely saw my vision…”

In Watching Myself Die, the mirror speaks; so do the heart, the body, and sometimes wolfish demons. Battles are waged—though not always won. And threaded throughout the collection are unquenchable sparks of spirit.

Through evocative snapshots, sharp twists, and unforgettable imagery, Tekeyah Hall rises as an exciting new voice in our slate of authors.

Tekeyah admits to initially being nervous about the process of publishing, but she quickly felt at ease with our team. She brought the fullness of herself through poetry—her grit, voice, and vulnerability—and we guided her through each stage of publication, from editing to visual design to marketing.

Correspondence between Tekeyah and our editors demonstrates the organic evolution of the book, as well as the committed support offered by our team (which Tekeyah cites as one of the best surprises of her self-publishing journey. Huzzah!)


"Exactly what she envisioned..."

Watching Myself Die wasn’t only a collaboration between Tekeyah and Tell Tell—she cites family inspiration, too: by an older sister’s poetry and her younger brother’s artistic savvy. Our editors and designers integrated Tekeyah’s inspirations every step of the way.

Tekeyah envisioned elements of illustration, a subdued color palette, and classic typefaces. Our designers provided internal and cover options, suggested fonts, and incorporated her feedback until she described the final version as exactly what she had dreamed. The cover illustration, conceived by Tekeyah’s brother, came to life from in-house artistic talent.

The final result of this collaborative evolution? Sophisticated, streamlined design acting in service of the powerful words on each page.

“My work is my life.”

Tekeyah describes her writing as a conduit of connection…that when she aches to be understood, it’s primarily her poems that make it possible. Despite autobiographical aspects of Watching Myself Die, however, it extends an invitation to any reader who has felt trapped, unappreciated, or uncertain of their own power.

The process of publication can be vulnerable, and Tekeyah notes that having editors engage with her work on such a detailed level seemed intimidating at first—but that “from my first contact with you, things just felt so smooth and I felt really comfortable.” She had researched other self-publishing routes and opted for the one she says offered the most impressive integrity, support, and flexibility.

The honor of partnering with Tekeyah, from early edits to final design tweaks, is not only seeing the fulfillment of a multi-talented artist’s dream, but also knowing the kinship it offers her readers. “She has come to terms with herself,” one poem affirms, among others about love and loss and the search for healing—and we are invited to do the same.

Stop making excuses. Make it happen.