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Translation Course
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Open your creativity by trying your hand at translation—even if you don't know another language (that's part of the fun)!

Hone Your Craft Course
Hone my craft

You've been writing for a while but you want to connect with a supportive community and a team you can trust. Let's work together to learn more.

Children's Poetry Workshop
Get some magic

Nurture and grow your child's budding love of poetry with this magical and fun poetry course.

Submission Strategies Course
Submit like a pro

You’ve honed your writing skills and are ready for the world to see your poems. But how in the world do you get your work published? How can you move your work from your laptop to the pages of a literary journal or magazine? Let's help you get there.

1:1 Coaching


    Get specialized training, 1:1 support, tailored reading lists, and custom courses whenever you need them. Oh yeah, and get 1:1 access to moi. (302-562-1040, what's up?!)

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        Discover how to get your manuscript ready to be self-published…blurbs and all!

          Self-Publishing Guide
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          From a bunch of poems to a published collection, you can DIY!

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          How to Sell Your Poetry Collection Yourself
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          The Ultimate Marketing Guide for Poets Who Self-Published
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          Facebook Page

          This is where we share cool work by Tell Tell Poets, we shout out to poets we love in hopes they'll write us back, and we occasionally share writing prompts.

          Self-Publishing Group

          Get support from other people who want to self-publish. Ask all those questions you were too afraid to ask in your book club. We got you.

          Secret Groups

          Sign up for our courses to join private, course-specific FB groups and meet your next poetry community.

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