Get creative through translation. |

Get creative through translation.

Translators seemed to be in their own world—connecting with cool authors, coming up with creative ideas to play with language, discovering (or rediscovering poets) and getting published with beautiful presses (cough Tavern Books cough). You want to break in to that world, but you’re not sure how . . . And even if you did know how to translate, how would you even get it published?

Have more fun with writing by digging in to translation (even if you don't speak another language!)

Become the poet you’ve been after:
Create a community by connecting with other emerging translators.
Pick up techniques borrowed from established translators and dig into examples to understand the process.
Craft translations and creative work from guided exercises and prompts.
Enhance your style by making craft decisions that align with what your project needs.
Confidently approach an original text by understanding different translation methods.
Work like an experienced translator and trust your decisions when exploring new writing to bring into English.
Learn where to go to find support for your projects.
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Tell Tell Poetry

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Tell Tell Poetry

Get creative through translation - Full Access + 1:1 feedback

Right for you if . . .

You've been writing for a while, but you don’t really have a supportive community.

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What you’ll learn

+ Week 1: Wtf is translation?
Explore a range of metaphors used to describe translation
Discover how expansive the practice of translation is through hearing how experienced translators view their work
Open up your ideas about how translation can be used to spark your creativity
Bring these ideas into your own creative world by exploring these concepts in your homework
Stay accountable by producing new work on a timed schedule
Investigate more experimental translation projects in an exclusive interview with translator Gnaomi Siemens
Discover what power translation can give your own creative practice
+ Week 2: Types of translation.
Master the more technical types of translation, starting with the most literal
Become a pro at how and when to make major changes to an original text
Delight in the magic of idioms and see how rain changes in different countries
Learn from Proust how and when to shift the meaning of a text for accuracy
Understand how to play with both the literal and figurative meanings of words
Explore how translation fuels creative writing in an interview with Livia Franchini
+ Week 3: Choosing a subject.
Choose a text to work with carefully
Consider styles and authors you’re drawn to
Narrow in on a subject
Hear what established translators like Gregory Pardlo, Angela Rodel, Chad Post, Natasha Wimmer and more have to say about why they selected their subjects
Find your creative affinity by researching new writers
Learn how and why to take on projects in an interview with award-winning translator Rosalind Harvey
+ Week 4: Legal Schmegal.
Explore the publication process and learn about the steps we need to take to get translations published
Secure permissions easily
Understand how a copyright page works
Try your hand at writing a query letter with guided examples
Get comfortable with the process with the help of prolific translator and author Lawrence Schimel who has translated hundreds of books
+ Week 5: How it’s done.
Break the translation process into simple steps
Learn how to go from making a very literal translation to a nuanced work
Discover how translation can be like a Rubik’s Cube
Understand what questions you need to ask to move deeper into a text
Get tips and tricks from top translators like Ros Schwartz
Explore different versions of the opening of Dante’s Inferno
Interview with Aaron Robertson where we get a look at his process on a line level
+ Week 6: Putting it into practice.
Explore different translation communities and connect online
Find grants and funding opportunities
Uncover various avenues for support and get tips on how to pitch a project to an editor
Get feedback on a project pitch
Learn how to build yourself a project timeline
Get support and inspiration with an interview featuring Anni Liu

This translation course answers all your questions:

Do I need to speak a language to translate from it?

Heck no. It’s 2021. You can do whatever you want!

Can I publish a translation if the poet tells me I can?

It depends, but we’ll talk about how to secure the proper rights.

Will this course help me choose what to translate?

Yes! And if you have questions, you can pop into the Facebook group to chat with established translators!

What if I just want to enhance my creativity?

This course is for you! You’ll learn to get creative by uncovering really strange things about language!

When does this course launch?

New enrollments are open until May 20, 2021. The course will start in June!

How much do I have to pay?

Get unlimited course access for $299. Receive 1:1 feedback for $350.

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Tell Tell Poetry

Get creative through translation - Full Access

Gimmie 1:1 access!

Tell Tell Poetry

Get creative through translation - Full Access + 1:1 feedback


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