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Submit like a pro

You’ve honed your writing skills and are ready for the world to see your poems. But how in the world do you get your work published? How can you move your work from your laptop to the pages of a literary journal or magazine? Enter the Submission Strategies course to help you get there.

Submit your poems like a pro.

Get your work published:
Write cover letters that will impress editors.
Craft a tight, professional bio.
Avoid common submission pitfalls.
Discover what editors are looking for.
Submit your work with confidence.
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Tell Tell Poetry

Submission Strategies

Right for you if . . .

You have a bunch of poems to submit but need support and strategies.

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Gain the skills and confidence to finally hit send.

Craft a cover letter and bio like a pro.
Research potential markets for your work.
Discover resources to support your submission journey and writing life.
Get insider tips on best practices and faux pas from real-life editors of popular literary magazines.
Hear from editors of Rust + Moth, Whale Road Review, THRUSH, SWIMM Daily, and more.


Will this course help me discover places to submit?

Yes, and it also comes with templates and easy-to-follow strategies that you can start implementing today.

Will this course guarantee that I will publish?

I wish, but there’s a lot that goes into publishing, and you’ll hear all about it in the course!

Will this course make me a famous author?

Fame is a state of mind. This course will help you learn the strategies, best practices, and smart ways to submit your work to magazines, publishing houses, and journals.

What will I learn?

You’ll discover how to categorize your poems to submit them, where to submit your work, magazines and journals that accept submissions, how to submit your work, strategies to find the perfect fit for your work and more!

I had given up on submitting to journals many years back after lots of rejections and would send out a couple a year at most. But you started a spark in me a renewed confidence in my voice and my words and my work, to keep on trying and to have hope again that eventually I will find the right editors & journals when it’s time.

— Kristin Sharp

I absolutely loved the submission course - it's comforting, clarifying and is an excellent primer for anyone unsure about the process of getting your poetry out into the world. It featured excellent tools to track submissions and to assist you in finding journals and magazines that fit your poetry style/aesthetic. Really grateful for this course.

— Manjot Singh

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Tell Tell Poetry

Submission Strategies


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