Psalms of Light.

by J Patrick

An engineer by profession, and a poet at heart, J Patrick wanted to let his creative side shine.

What he wanted:

To publish a debut collection of poetry

What he had:

In his words, “A tiny sparkle of an idea in his head and illegible scribbles in a journal . . .”

What we did

Arrangement suggestions
Critique and critique letter
3 rounds of proofreading
ISBN acquisition
Pricing support
All the love (and cookies!!)

Nurturing the flame...

Working from photographs, memories, and interactions with the natural and human worlds, we helped J Patrick shape and develop a book he wasn’t sure would ever see the light of day. His original manuscript collected the poems he had spontaneously written during a dark period in his life, and he wanted to share his journey and inspire hope in others. He had the raw materials in hand—his words and the photos he wanted to pair them with—but he wasn’t sure how to put the pieces together.

Into his vision...

On our first dive into J Patrick’s collection, we were dazzled by his visions of light and dark, dualism and unity. And as we explored his work, its deeper ligatures and important spiritual truths rose to the surface. We used these insights to organize his work into a complex through-line of movement between the light and the dark as the speaker reaches for revelation and oneness after painful life experiences.

"I am just so glad you can follow my thinking and provide guidance!!!"

J Patrick was thrilled with the new arrangement, and even with a demanding, full-time job, he still found time to connect. We offered careful notes and critiques to help him polish his work. Through several rounds of line-by-line suggestions and critique, we guided J Patrick as he honed his poems’ images and ideologies. After we finalized the poems, we sifted through his photographs and helped him match words and images.

"I feel I am lucky to find a like-minded spirit and someone that is truly here to help the 'secret poet'!"

And once everything fell into place, and we stood back to marvel at J Patrick’s creation, we swooned at the seamless movement between his honest, forthright words and his travel photographs. What started as a small spark grew into a fully realized vision, a gorgeous commemoration to life’s trials, blessings, and beauties.

Stop hiding your poems on your desktop. Make it happen.