by Ashley Armand

Ashley had just finished writing and compiling her poetry into her first poetry chapbook. She wanted to format her collection for publication and get her work into the world.

What she wanted:

Her poetry, writing, and illustrations to be published

What she had:

Visits from the muse and a collection of poetry, short stories, and oil paintings

What we did

Formatted interior layout
Converted collection into ePub
Released work onto distribution platform

From Caterpillar Skin to Marabou

Marabou started as a collection Ashley called Caterpillar Skin, but she eventually developed more work, more paintings, and discovered a title that resonated with her heart and her labor. Together, we mocked her book for print and helped her release it onto the distribution platform.

"I write from my core..."

Ashley’s work was made out of love, and the art she designed was as vibrant and powerful as the poems themselves. Her finished collection combined countless hours dedicated to her art and her craft, and we were blown away by just how powerful her words became when read out loud for our UGH! COVID series.

Stop making excuses. Make it happen.