Free Resources.

If you want to self-publish or publish your work, but you don't know where to go--and you don't have the money to spend to have it edited--check out our list of free resources to get you started.

If you’re considering submitting your work to publishers…

The blogs below will help you discover new places to submit your work, and we’re also offering a new submission course that will walk you through how to get on an editor’s good side.

How to submit

Submitting Prose Poems

Most beautiful lit mags to submit to

Weirdest magazines to submit to

How to market your work…

Marketing series

Ultimate marketing guide

How to market your book

Online reading series

Creative book launch ideas

How to use social media to market your poetry

Because we love poetry so much, we also have an anonymous poem submitter where you can submit a poem for free and we will give some brief feedback. We post one anonymous poem a week, so feel free to submit your poem here!

If you want to self-publish…

Download the Tell Tell self-publishing guide here. It’ll walk you through everything you need to know to DIY!

If you aren’t sure…

Check out this blog about the differences

Work with Tell Tell Poetry on…

  • One round of arrangement and sequencing suggestions
  • Two rounds of proofreading
  • One detailed line-by-line edit
  • One detailed critique letter
  • Front cover design
  • Interior layout design
  • ePub design
  • Platform selection support
  • Marketing blurb
  • ISBN acquisition
  • Copyright registration
  • Final round of proofreading
  • Interior illustrations
  • Developmental edits
  • and more!

If you’re looking for support, try it for free first. Then, if you need more support, email me at I can’t wait to read your work!

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