Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Book.

Woohoo! Your book is out in the world, but now you have to figure out how to market that collection. Read on for all the marketing goods you’ll want to bookmark.

Text of the word "marketing."You finally have your beautiful book-baby in your arms! She’s perfect: the glossy cover, the interior design, and your fine words—your very own collection. And like every proud parent, all you want to do now is show your creation off to the world! But maybe you’re a first-time parent and aren’t quite sure how to prepare your book for a life of her own. The good news is we’ve got you covered: from cracking into social media, to cultivating an email list, to getting your book on the shelves of a real-life, brick and mortar bookstore. Keep reading for a rundown on Tell Tell’s top blog posts for marketing your book and let us help you get all eyes on your newest creation.

How to Use Social Media to Market Your Poetry

This post starts with a brass tacks summary of how to create accounts on the most popular social media platforms and offers proven tips to help you gain a following and create community for marketing your book. Spoiler alert: the stronger the community, the higher the book sales.

All Things Video

In our image-driven society, video is a powerful tool that can make you and your poetry more memorable to your audience. Read this post for ideas about how to give a killer online poetry reading and how to make the best use of video content on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Instagram Live.

How to Create a Freebie to Grow Your Email List on Social Media

In this post, we walk you through the basics of crafting a “freebie” (e.g., a bookmark, short how-to guide, calendar, etc.) to entice your audience to sign up for your email list, which in turn will grow your following and help you sell your book. The secret sauce? Creating a freebie that adds value.

How to Get Your Poetry Published in Trade/Literary Journal/Niche Publications

Getting published helps establish your credibility, grow your audience, and promote your existing works and self-published poetry collections. Regardless of whether you’re a newbie or an established poet, getting published can seem like an intimidating task, but if you follow our tips in this post, you’ll be on your way to seeing your work in the pages of journals and magazines.

How to Prepare for a Launch Using Social Media and Your Email List to Promote Your Self-Published Collection

In the digital age, selling your self-published work and growing a following requires a bit internet savvy. When you’ve got a newly released collection, one of the best ways to do that and to draw attention to your work is with a launch. And the key is authentic communication and reaching people where they live—on their cell phones. This post will show you how to use your social media channels and email list to host amazing online events and get your book in the hands of those who need it most.

How to Develop Your Brand/Media Kit for Press Inquiries

Even though publicity sounds scary (hey, that’s why we’re writers—we don’t want people looking at us!), media coverage is a crucial component to help you spread the message that you’re a published poet, that your work is available and out in the world, and that people should read it. In this in-depth post, we guide you through the process of creating an awesome media kit to use on your website and to proactively pitch your collection to publications or to journalists to secure media coverage about you and your work.

How to Utilize Paid Ads to Boost Your Reach on Social Media … Before Your Book Comes Out

You’ve created and curated content and images for multiple social media platforms to gain organic, unpaid reach. But if you’re looking for amplified results and you’ve got a budget you can direct toward promoting yourself and marketing your book, paid ads might be a logical next step. This post breaks down the benefits of paid ads and the different types of available ads on various social media platforms.

How to Get Your Self-Published Poetry Collection into Bookstores

If it’s your dream to see your title on the shelves of your favorite bookstore, this post is for you! In seven steps, we break down how to find the right store, use your media kit to create interest, talk to booksellers, and perfect the art of the follow-up.

Quick list of the best tips for marketing your book

  1. Establish a social media presence on multiple platforms and engage on the platforms consistently with quality content to grow a following and to expand your readership.
  2. Look at what other poets in your space are doing as inspiration for marketing and messaging on social media and marketing.
  3. Incorporate video content into your social media following, especially content with virtual poetry readings, interviews, and Q&As with fellow poets.
  4. Develop a quick-win, value-packed freebie, and promote it to your community on social media as a way to grow your email list.
  5. Use that email list to turn passive readers or followers into hardcore fans who are ready to purchase your self-published poetry collection during the launch.
  6. Plan ahead for a successful launch as a way to build excitement and energy for the release of your new self-published poetry collection.
  7. Budget for and utilize paid social media ads to amplify your organic reach, and use them during a launch or in the lead-up to a virtual event to garner attention.
  8. Identify and pursue niche and trade publications you want to work with, and submit original content for publication to grow your following and to build credibility.
  9. Develop a media kit that you can use for journalists, book buyers, and others in the poetry industry to share your information.
  10. Use your social media following, media kit, and connections to get your work placed in bookstores.

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