Where to Submit Your Haikus.

Focus on the present moment and peep these journals that are accepting haiku submissions.

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Writing haiku, a form that requires us to pare down our writing and really pay attention to each element, can help sharpen those instincts and help us identify what elements of craft we are using to create voice. Haiku insists you keep only what is truly needed for the poem, and with its short, condensed form, careful attention to diction and language precision becomes both more necessary and easier to focus on.

With the help of the homies at chillsubs, we have spotlighted a few literary magazines and journals with calls for submissions that accept haiku! While our full list of open submissions can be found at our Where to Submit List, below you will find some super special magazines to get your haiku published and into the world.

50 Haikus

50 Haikus is a literary journal featuring only Haiku poetry in open form. The primary mission of 50 Haikus is to discover exciting poets and publish beautiful books filled with their poetry. We want to make people fall in love with Haiku, and to surprise current Haiku lovers with new voices they will cherish forever.

Dead Skunk

“A Lit Mag That Doesn’t Stink,” Dead Skunk wants your ink-smeared paragraphs and ripped journal pages. Send us your lyric essays, haikus, and experimental fiction. Whether this is your first submission or you’ve had publications in hundreds of journals no one has ever heard of, Dead Skunk wants to read your work.


Haikuniverse has published a haiku or micro-poem every day since July 31, 2015. They have a broad understanding of what a haiku is that extends beyond the traditional eastern definition, sometimes embracing the western understanding of the term, and sometimes delving into what some might call micro-poetry. Haikuniverse notifies when published and at the end of the 6 months, simultaneous submissions are welcome, and are okay considering previously published work.


Be sure to peep our blog post “How to Strengthen Your Poetic Voice Using Haiku” as you are submitting to about your own poetic voice and help identify what elements of your voice make it unique. Send us the link when you are published!

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