Where to Submit Your Eco-Poetry Using chill subs.

It's time to let your eco-poetry blossom in the wild!


Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for: Tell Tell Poetry’s latest submissions list via chill subs! This quarter, we’ve rounded up some opportunities that you simply must consider if you’re saving our warming planet with your poetry. 


The homies at chill subs have taken the fear out of submitting by demystifying the process. They provide the tools to search for the perfect journal or magazine to get your work out into the world. 


Speaking of the world, below we explore a few publications that are dedicated to environmental and eco-writing that are accepting right meow!

The Dodge

The Dodge is a literary magazine based in Wooster, Ohio, at the College of Wooster. They are interested in dodging borders, in transnational literatures that recognize the rootedness of story—the “eco”/oikos in “ecofiction,” our dwelling places and our relationships to them. Open to all genres and a 50% average acceptance rate on chill subs, they promote writers even after publication! 

Flyway Journal

Based out of Ames, Iowa, Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and visual art exploring the many complicated facets of the word environment – at once rural, urban, and suburban – and its social and political implications. With an open submission until May 31, 2023, they want your best work, but are totally not intimidating! 

The Fourth River

The Fourth River is the literary journal of Chatham University’s MFA Program. They welcome submissions of creative writing that explore the relationship between humans and their environments, both natural and built, urban, rural or wild.

The Hopper

The Hopper is an environmental literary magazine publishing poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visual art, interviews, and book reviews, all of which are paths towards an invigorated understanding of nature’s place in human life. They are especially interested in work that explores goals for climate justice, emphasizes intersectionality in relating to more-than-human nature, depicts joy found in both rural and urban environments, and imagines and enacts Black and Indigenous futures.

Seaborne Magazine

Seaborne Magazine is a digital publication with a mission to celebrate the brightest jewels on Mother Nature’s crown: our seas and oceans. They are looking to publish great literary work which celebrates the sea and all around it. With an aim to reply to submissions within 2-4 weeks, a percentage of each issue’s revenue goes to local charities that help protect the oceans and marine life.


Now go forth, and get yoself published! This list is non-exhaustive: if you’re a publication or know of a publication accepting that you haven’t found on chill subs—hit us up! Eat, drink, and submit poetry, friends.


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