Journals That Accept Reprints.

We have narrowed in on a few publications that accept previously published poems for submissions.


Have a piece of poetry that you’re particularly proud of? It’s been out in the world, but you want to publish it again to keep it shining? Fear not! With the help of the fabulous kids over at chillsubs, we have highlighted a few journals that are totally cool with accepting reprints.

All Existing Literary Magazine

A literary magazine dedicated to the strange and beautiful, All Existing accepts everything from flash-fiction to visual art. When wondering what content to submit, think: secrets in exchange for stories, children born as bears, houses that come to life at night, singing love songs to the earth, praying to Birds instead of Gods.

The Cafe Irreal

When you think The Cafe Irreal, you think stories that reject the tendency to portray people and places realistically and the need for a full resolution to the story; instead, the stories show a reality constantly being undermined. A quarterly webzine, The Cafe Irreal presents a kind of fantastic fiction infrequently published in English.

Flat Ink Magazine

A craft magazine, Flat Ink is envisioned as more of a writer’s parlor. They hope to host literary analysis, in depth looks into process and inspiration, reviews and recommendations. For prose & poetry, Flat Ink looks for gentle discoveries and secret hauntings, anything bittersweet

The Paper Crow

The Paper Crow is an online literary journal for any and all. They accept poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. Give them your tired, your poor, your meticulously edited masterpieces and your notes app ramblings. They particularly love work that involves themes of fate, coincidence, and superstition (but they’re not picky).


Peep our Where to Submit List that is updated quarterly to catch more ideas for publications to submit your work with. Happy submitting, and if you’re curious, dig into our “Actionable Tips to Help You Edit a Poem” blog post to make sure your submission is completely ready to be accepted!


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