Where to Submit: Weird Edition.

Think your poetry is weird? Good. We've highlighted some of our favorite publications that want your strangest submissions.


Poetry is super personal, so let’s get weird with it. The coolest kids in town over at chillsubs have helped us locate literary journals and magazines that request your most absurd and bizarre poetry submissions. Let’s take a look at a few:

Aberration Labyrinth

This magazine does not want poems about sailboats. They’re sort of tired and boring. Aberration Labyrinth are looking for underground writers who are looking for a place to muck up the internet with their bold and interesting writing. They treasure poetry that strays from the path. Send them horror, thrillers, dark fantasy, drunken romantics, gritty realism, etc. They love imagery. They love free verse and also love the aubade. The form is up to you.

Archive of the Odd

A nonprofit magazine that specializes in weird format/found fiction, submissions at Archive of the Odd are read blind, so as to reduce editor bias. Any form EXCEPT traditional prose is accepted and lengths from 500-8000 are easiest for them to place, but we accept any length. Horror is preferred, but not required.

DED Poetry

Make it weird, make it ded. DED Poetry is a resting place for the weird, absurd, surreal, nonsense we call poetry. 1-5 poems in a Word or PDF document are open for submission and simultaneous submarines are cool with them. Previously published work is not accepted, but previous contributors may submit once per month if they’d like.

Meditating Cat Zine

A mini online zine run and edited by a tabby cat named Curios, Meditating Cat Zine is open to all cat-lovers. They produce issues quarterly, featuring art and literature from around the world. The Meditating Cat Zine welcomes people of all backgrounds (except cat-haters, homophobes, and racists) to join their creative community.

Mermaids Monthly

Mermaids Monthly is a digital magazine all about mermaids. What kind of mermaids? Every kind. Happy mermaids, murderous mermaids; mermaids, merdudes, mermxs – maybe even a few highly confused manatees! Any cool aquatic chimeras that you could possibly think of with any and every fin color and combination. The magazine accepts short stories, flash stories, comics, poetry, art, and more.


If you’re looking for exciting ways to shake up your normal poetry, peep our blog post “Three Fresh Forms to Try Right Now” for three contemporary forms that are fresh, exciting, and perfectly suited to the current poetry zeitgeist. As always, be sure to give our Where to Submit List a looksie to continue your submission journey.

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