Where to Submit for Fast Turnaround.

Poetry submissions are already stressful. Here are some magazines that have a fast acceptance turnaround when you are eager to publish!


Let’s be honest: submitting your poetry can totally suck. Sitting around waiting to hear if you’ll be accepted, receiving the good or bad news a year later. Le sigh.

Alas! With the help of our turbo homies at chillsubs, we’ve highlighted a few journals that have a proven dedication to responding quickly after you press submit.


“Poetry with a bite,” Bluepepper is a community based out of Australia that responds within 14 days. Founded in 2005, they accept fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Bluepepper welcomes submissions of up to three poems, or articles and stories of up to 1500 words. All submissions should be accompanied by a brief third person bio.

Chestnut Review

The mission of Chestnut Review is to provide a literary home to stubborn artists and writers. With an average response time around 3 weeks, they believe literary markets should be open to everyone, and are passionate about holding the door open for all writers who wish to enter theirs.

Diode Poetry Journal

Diode Poetry Journal welcomes all types of poetry including, but not limited to, narrative experimental, visual, found and erasure poetry. With an average response time under a month, Diode also accept poetry in translation and collaborative poems.

Eunoia Review

Eunoia Review is a Singapore-based online literary journal committed to sharing the fruits of ‘beautiful thinking’. Each day, they publish two new pieces of writing and average a response time of 16 days. They believe that Eunoia Review can and should be a home for all sorts of writing, and they welcome submissions from writers of all ages and backgrounds.


For a longer list of options to get your work out there and published, peep our Where to Submit List that is updated quarterly. While you’re at it, take a moment to check out our “Do I Really Have to Revise” blog post to make sure your poems are in tip-top shape when you submit!


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