Where to Submit for Young Poets.

In honor of the launch of our Children's Poetry Course, we have highlighted a few of our favorite journals that focus on submissions from young poets!


Has your child expressed a new interest in poetry and eager to learn more about how it all works? Poetry is alive and well! #telltellpoet and all around amazing human, Lindsay Lusby, has created the online course “The Marvelous Magic of Poetry” to connect your young poet to the magic heart beating within every poem.

To keep your burgeoning writer inspired and with the help of the ever amazing chillsubs, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite literary magazines and journals that focus on submissions from young poets.

angelique zine

This is a student-run, youth-led digital magazine showcasing thoughts, opinions, and creations about the intersection of creativity and the internet. They aim to break the boundaries. our goal is to help emerging artists on the internet express themselves freely and establish a connection with other creatives and like-minded individuals regardless of many differences.

Intertia Teens

A mental health initiative by teenagers for educating youth through vivid discussions, literary magazines, YouTube videos, and much more, Intertia Teens only accepts work from those under 25 years of age

The Bibliopunk Lit Zine

An online literary zine, The Bibliopunk Lit Zine is aimed at young adults (13-24), by young adults. According to them, submit something you love more than your own mother. send something to make their jaws clench, their spines shiver, their voices wobble, and their hearts warm.

Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine

Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine is an online platform dedicated to using writing as catharsis, breaking the barrier around mental health, and providing an open platform for middle school to college age writers to express themselves. They are looking for unique works for a young adult audience, with an emphasis on mental health – any writing used as catharsis or reflection, or used to draw attention to societal issues, are particularly welcomed.

Nightjar Magazine

A literary magazine that publishes speculative prose and poetry from young writers, Nightjar is interested in any writing that can be classified as speculative: fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, magical realism, slipstream, horror, post-apocalyptic, and the like. They are especially interested in publishing the perspectives of people of color, queer people, and transgender and nonbinary people.


For a full breakdown of submission calls, be sure to peep our Where to Submit List or our previous blog post “Where to Submit if You Are a Young Poet” from our Tell Tell Submission Series. Afterward, send us your published work. We can’t wait to see it!


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