Submissions Series: Journals that accept poetry with photographs.

Do you love poetry and photography? If you're looking for a journal that accepts both, keep reading! Check out our comprehensive list of literary journals that accept submissions of poetry with photographs.

poem and a photograph

Here at Tell Tell Poetry, we’ve recently worked with several clients who wanted to create hybrid poetry-photography collections, so we’ve been thinking about how these art forms sit in conversation with each other. Their modes of expression are so similar, after all—a poem and a photograph offer the viewer/reader a single frame within a larger narrative. So, we started our search for literary journals that accept poetry with photographs.

Both forms also rise out of the artist’s intentional awareness. The French philosopher Roland Barthes was famously enchanted with photography and once said, “Every photograph is a certificate of presence.” Exactly! This is what a poem is, too, right? You have to be there, looking, paying attention to write a stunning poem or to take a moving photograph.

Because we are so obsessed with poetry and photography, we wanted to compile this comprehensive list of literary journals that accept submissions of poems and photographs. We discovered a bunch of awesome journals and can’t wait to submit our own work, too!

Looking for more support with your submissions? Check out our new submissions course and get your work out into the world with the help of the Tell Tell submission gurus!

Journals that accept poetry with photographs:


3Elements Literary Review

805 Literary and Arts Journal

Able Muse

The Acentos Review

Alaska Quarterly Review


The Bangalore Review


The Georgia Review

Green Briar Review


HAMAM Magazine


Kaleidoscoped Magazine

The Kudzu Review

Kyoto Journal

Lantern Review: A Journal of Asian American Poetry

Literary Mama

Littoral Magazine

Little Patuxent Review

Love Me, Love My Belly

The Lumiere Review

Lunch Ticket

The MacGuffin

The Main Street Rag

Madcap Review


Menacing Hedge

Meridian: An Annual of Poetry and Prose

The Merrimack Review

Midwest Review

MockingHeart Review

Mom Egg Review

Moonchild Magazine

MQR Mixtape

the museum of americana

The Nashwaak Review

The Nasiona

Neon: A Literary Magazine

NDR: New Delta Review

Nightingale & Sparrow Magazine

Nimrod International Journal

Noctua Review

NonBinary Review

The Normal School

Obsidian: Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora

The Offing

On Loan From the Cosmos

On the Seawall

Orion Magazine


Pareidolia Literary

Passengers Journal

The Penn Review

Pensive: A Global Journal of Spirituality & the Arts

Permafrost Magazine


Poetry Northwest

Poor Yorick Literary Journal

PRISM International

Prometheus Dreaming

Quail Bell

Quarterly West


Rappahannock Review

Reed Magazine

Riddled With Arrows

Roanoke Review

Rogue Agent Journal


Salt Hill

San Pedro River Review

Sea to Sky Review

Siblíní Journal

Sinister Wisdom

Sixth Finch

Split Lip Magazine

The Susquehanna Review

Thimble Literary Magazine

Third Wednesday

Tiferet Journal

Twyckenham Notes

Willawaw Journal


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