What’s in your writing desk? Featuring Devon Miller-Duggan.

Devon shares a bit about her writing desk in this quick snippet with photos included!

Devon Miller-Duggan is the author of Pinning the Bird to the Wall (2008, Tres Chicas Books) and the founder of Kenning Journal. Devon is a professor of English at the University of Delaware and she has decided to share her writing desk with us.

devon's desk

According to Devon: The photos made me very conscious of how much STUFF I have in my office–the piles and piles of papers. And this is my desk in its cleaned up form–which happens once a month or so. Otherwise, I’d get lost there. There’s a collection of bunnies. I’m (not entirely comfortably–it definitely cuts down on my “cool”) very fond of rabbits-as-images, but also kind of embarrassingly fond of small, round, furry things–tribbles of one sort or another. I think I’d be just as well off with an essentially empty desk, because I forget all the time what’s in most of the folders and nothing bad happens, but that doesn’t seem to be in my nature. I’m a clutterer. I do have this huge window that looks out onto my forest-y back yard, so there’s more or a sense of space in my study than my desk would suggest.

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