What Jobs Can I Get With An MFA?.

This question has been asked many times. What type of jobs are out there for MFAs? Well the options are really limitless.

This question has been asked many times. What type of jobs are out there for MFAs? Well the options are really limitless. Think of it this way: An MFA offers you 1-3 years where you get to focus on your writing. Only good can come of that. There are many jobs that you can get with an MFA that you might not have thought of. Of course, tenured positions at colleges are the ultimate goal for many people, but if you wanted to do something different, this may offer you some better ideas.

  • Adjunct or Full-Time Professor at a College or University: (sometimes you need to have a PhD to get a tenured track position but there are some schools that will allow you to get a job with an MFA.) For listings check out idealist.org.

  • Non-Profit Work: Non profits want their employees to be well-spoken and well-written. If you have an MFA, that usually means you are eloquent and it sometimes means that you are persuasive. So if you are good at grant writing, you can check out some non-profit jobs.

  • Starting Writing Workshops: Although this may take determination, starting a writing workshop in your community might be able to make you a little extra money but more importantly, it will allow you to give back! And who doesn’t love to give back?

  • High School Teacher: Some states will allow you to work at a high school without a teaching degree. So if you love teaching but can’t find work at a college, you can look for openings at high schools.

  • Editing: If you have experience working with literary journals, you may be able to get work as an editor for a publishing house or literary magazine.

  • Freelance: Working in your pajamas? Always a plus! As a freelance writer, you may be able to make a decent living. Check out local listings on Cragislist or glance.com for people looking to hire writers. Or, if you are really creative you can start your own business selling creative writing for weddings, anniversaries or birthdays.

  • Bank Jobs: Uh. You may be thinking WTF? But many banks want to hire people who have excellent communication skills so your MFA might come in handy.

  • Video Teaching: You can create a start-up business by creating online videos in which you teach people writing skills. Or the history of the English language. Or how to build a wooden model ship. Or anything!

So don’t worry about finding a job (well…don’t worry TOO much) if you are creative, there is always work for you!

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