Tell Tell has a new Lil Book Award winner: Allison Lindquist.

Draw up the curtains, it's time for us to spotlight our new Lil Book Award winner: Allison Lindquist! Stay tuned — her book is coming out soon!

Tell Tell Poetry is over the moon! We have a winner for our first ever Lil Book Award! Several months back, mired in lockdown, we brainstormed ways to build relationships and to support poets in the beginning stages of their careers. And you know us, we are always pumped to encounter new voices! So in service to the community we love, we decided to offer up to one poet the opportunity to have their manuscript overhauled and designed by us—for free! And now, we couldn’t be more excited to announce that Allison Lindquist is the Lil Book Award winner!


Allison grew up outside Boulder, Colorado and currently works as a neuroscientist and researcher in west Michigan. She made her artistic start as a painter, but poetry became her brush of choice after she met a teacher who believed in the power of words.


In this, her first collection of poems, A Search for Human Influences on the Thermal Structure of the Atmosphere, Allison explores the complementary nature of science and art. As soon as we cracked the collection open, we were hooked. Allison effortlessly moves between hard fact and beautiful metaphor, revealing the—dare we say it—poetry of the scientific world: “the hippocampus / is a seahorse in silence / hugging ventricles.” In her brief, stunning pieces, she explores the intersections of anatomy, family, history, archeology, botany, spirituality . . . reading Allison’s work is like reading Darwin or Da Vinci reincarnated as poets!


We can’t wait to collaborate with Allison to produce her gorgeous book. Welcome to the Tell Tell family!

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Frank Sabo
1 year ago
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You gave Alli fantastic writeup. I can't wait to read the actual work which earned the award