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Hone Your Craft Course.

You’ve been writing for a long time, but you don’t have a supportive environment. Sure, you share your work with your friends and family, but you get the same positive response. How do you know if your work is even working?

You’re a poet. Now work like one.

Become the poet you’ve been after:
Hear from contemporary poets like Diane Seuss, Meg Eden, Alison Prine, and others.
Receive 1:1 feedback on poems created during the course.
Create a community by connecting with other training poets.
Pick up techniques borrowed from poets like Pablo Neruda, Danez Smith, Diane Seuss, Ocean Vuong, and others.
Craft poems from guided exercises and prompts.
Enhance your style by making craft decisions that align with what your poem needs.
Confidently approach the blank page by understanding poetic choices.
Write like a trained poet and trust your decisions when breaking the line, breaking the stanza, or exploring new forms.
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Tell Tell Poetry

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Tell Tell Poetry

Hone Your Craft Course - Full Access + 1:1 feedback

Right for you if . . .

You've been writing for a while, but you don’t really have a supportive community.

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What you’ll learn

+ Week 1: The line and the very short poem.
Discover the main differentiator between a novice poet and a well-crafted poet.
Uncover why the poetic line is about more than just breaking for breath.
Read about the poetic line from poets like Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Paul Muldoon, Charles Simic, Robert Bly, and others.
Put what you learned into practice by exploring new techniques in your homework.
Stay accountable by producing new work on a timed schedule.
+ Week 2: Extending the line.
Discover why the long line has been called "a symptom of the shaman."
Delight in the magic of the long line.
See why poets might use the long line vs. the short line.
Imitate techniques that other poets use to craft their lines.
Perform an analysis on poems by poets like Frank O'Hara, Jorie Graham, and others.
Practice expanding and cutting the line using techniques from poets like Charles Wright, Anne Carson, and others.
Generate new poems using the craft techniques you pulled from this week's lesson.
+ Week 3: Stanzas & more.
Find out why the stanza break might be even more important than the line break.
Break your stanzas like a trained poet.
Discover the types of stanza formulas you can use in your own work.
Look at stanza breaks from poets like Robert Creeley, Jack Gilbert, and others.
Create your own style by playing with stanza breaks, line length, and line breaks.
+ Week 4: Form.
See why form isn't just for Romantic poets.
Discover the pleasures of playing with (and breaking) form.
Explore some of the most well-known forms that contemporary poets are exploring.
Try your hand at a form (or formless) poem.
+ Week 5: Images.
Craft images using techniques favored by Ezra Pound, The Imagists, and others.
Try your hand at crafting image-heavy poems.
+ Week 6: Finding your voice.
WTF is a voice and why does everyone else have it? Find yours.
Get support with an interview featuring Diane Seuss.
Discover a voice that’s truly unique.

This Anti-MFA® course answers all your questions:

Can’t I just break the line whenever I take a breath?

Pro tip: nooooppeee

Can I just only write in one form for the rest of my life?

Absolutely. But you might not want to . . .

Is formal poetry even important anymore?

Yes! And we’ll share some ideas why.

What if I want to make poetry friends?

We have all your poetry friends right here!

How do I know how to talk about my poems?

We have techniques to help you talk about your poems!

Will this course help me get closer to a collection?

Yeah! You’ll generate poems throughout the class that you can use later in collections.

When does this course launch?

You can get immediate access for $499 today or sign up for 1:1 support for $699. The 1:1 feedback will begin the Monday after you sign up, but we’ll kick things off as soon as you sign up with some ideas to get you movin’.

How much do I have to pay?

Snag your space 1:1 feedback for $350 or get immediate access without 1:1 support for $299 today.

Kallie’s enthusiasm shines through in the videos and makes them fun and engaging to watch. She provides some wonderful and insightful interviews with successful poets, and the lists of resources in each module are impressive — I’ll definitely be revisiting a lot of the poems and articles she references. If you’re looking to uplevel your work, I highly recommend Hone Your Craft!

— Sarah Cooke

Thank you for all of the feedback! I feel like this course has helped me take steps out of my comfort zone and stretch my skills. Embracing the longer line has definitely made a difference in my work and the technical details behind the poetry have given me more to consider when writing and revising it. It’s even given me an interest in trying out revision on some of my older works! I hope to be able to work with everyone at Tell Tell again. The enthusiasm and gentle critiquing/suggesting are certainly something I valued and am extremely grateful for.

— Lynnea Brunner

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Tell Tell Poetry

Hone Your Craft Course - Full Access

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Tell Tell Poetry

Hone Your Craft Course - Full Access + 1:1 feedback


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