Megan Alpert chats with Tell Tell poetry about her new book.

Megan Alpert sat down with us to talk about her new book, The Animal at Your Side, and her journey to publication.

When Megan Alpert wrote the first poem in her new collection, she didn’t know it would turn into a book; she just knew she needed to explain her life and her search for home (as a person who had lost touch with their origins) to herself. And poetry was the only language that afforded her that ability to communicate. Even though her road to eventual publication was not a short or direct one, her trust in the structure of her book and its journey back and forth between inner and outer landscapes helped her write and revise through the upheavals of life, weather the disappointments of rejection, and eventually find the “home” she had been looking for in Airlie Press.

Discover her story through her poetry and check out her new book, The Animal at Your Side, available for purchase here!

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