How to craft an acknowledgements page.

Acknowledging people in your collection is a nice idea. It's not required, but it can be a brilliant way to thank the journals, people, and places that supported your work.

An acknowledgements page is a page that come before or after the poems in your collection. It’s where you can thank the specific people, journals, and institutions who helped you with your work. Before we get into how to write an acknowledgements page, let’s look at some examples:


From Like a Mother by Angela Garbes:



Some acknowledgements, like this one, are quite long. This author took the time to thank people by name, to thank institutions and provide an explanation into why they’re included here, and to provide a unique thank you into each person.

Since acknowledgement pages are not required, you technically don’t have to mention anyone or anything, but if you choose to craft one, here are some tips on to write an acknowledgements page like a pro!


1. Thank any places who previously published poems from the collection


Example a:


I’d like to thank the following places for publishing the following poems:


Red River – “Chicken Wings”

Angel House – “Like a Child”

Wing Wing – “Pilates”


Example b: 

I’d like to thank Red River, Angel House, and Wing Wing for publishing earlier versions of “Chicken Wings,” “Like a Child,” and “Pilates,” respectively.


2. Mention anyone who helped you with your collection in a meaningful way

Example a:

Thank you to L.A., who read this book over and over until his eyes were dripping.


3. Mention any institutions or awards that allowed you time and space to create the collection

Example a: 

This work was crafted thanks to a generous grant from The Chicken Foundation, and a residency at Wing Central.


4. Mention any friends, family, or loved ones that you want to acknowledge

Example a:

Thank you to my brother, Sam, for always being by my side. Thank you to my mother, Karen, for inspiring 1/2 of this collection.


5. Don’t stress

Remember, you won’t be able to mention every person who matters to you, and you’re not required to mention every person you love and care about. Someone may always feel left out, and hey–that’s okay! It’s not your job to make everyone feel okay 100% of the time, so do your best to cover your bases and thank the people, places, and institutions that helped you achieve and complete your collection.

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