What a Poetry Editor Actually Does

So ya'll know that we offer poetry editing services, but do you know what an edit looks like before and after? I have a little sample that I received permission to share with you, and I wanted to give you a glimpse into the editing process.

Poetry Before Editing:


Poetry After Editing and Design


There are many ways to punctuate these sentences, but we based the edits on a few different factors:

  • Alicia's style of writing

  • The age group Alicia was targeting

  • A desire to improve readability

When we edit, we focus on clarity and industry standards, but we also make sure the edited work reflects the author's voice. That's why you might find sentence fragments or comma splices in the work still. Why? Because it's important that we keep the integrity of the work at hand. We believe that you could have a technically correct manuscript that is so overdone and over-edited that it loses its artistic merit, and you could have a poorly edited manuscript that is so riddled with errors no one would even focus on it long enough to see the merit in it. So we like to try to find that balance. Where is the line? Where can we push it? How can we collaborate to create something brilliant together? That's what we're after at Tell Tell Poetry and that is what we seek to do every day with your work. 

Like the book? It's available for purchase on Amazon Kindle. We worked closely with Alicia to edit her children's book, and she worked on the design and self-publishing process herself. Want to learn more about how Tell Tell can help you edit your poetry, children's books, or prose? Email us to tell us about your project, and get started today!