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We provide proofreading services, copy edits, line edits, manuscript reviews, full manuscript overhauls, and design + self-publishing support for full-lengths and chapbooks. We can also help you edit single poems or poetry packets.

Whatever you're working on, we'll help you polish it for publication or self-publication. Or we can just be that second set of eyes you need to keep things moving. Take a look at some of the books we've worked on, then connect with us to get your manuscript moving today. 

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If you are at all considering having another pair of eyes look at your work, have it be Kallie. She’ll undoubtedly help you pinpoint the areas to strengthen your writing and in doing so, you’ll watch yourself flourish as a reader and writer faster than you ever thought possible.
— Tyler Kline
Kallie Falandays is just as gifted a teacher as she is a poet (and that is really saying something.) She will take your poem and ask just the right questions and suggest just the right directives to mold your poem into something you envisioned, but were unable to execute on your own.
— Dorothy