How to Handle Copyright for Your Self-Published Collection

I wrote a book. Do I need to submit it for copyright before I send it to publishers or editors?

Nah. If you're scared about protecting your rights, make sure you work with an agreement. Most editors will keep you safe by including a protection clause in their agreement. This will protect your work from getting stolen. Once you write your work, it's yours. You have the full rights to it. 

I am self-publishing. Do I need to submit it for copyright.

It's not a legal requirement, but if you want to hold copyright in case of litigation, you'll need to register it at the copyright office. The process is super simple.

  1. Go to the US Copyright site
  2. Click on Register a Copyright
  3. Click on Register a Literary Work
  4. Follow the steps to fill out the form
  5. Submit the $55 payment
  6. Upload a copy of your manuscript or mail it in

Once you submit your work for copyright, you can use the copyright symbol even before you receive the notice in the mail.

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