Where to Submit – Poetry Edition – March, April, May 2022.

Looking for where to submit your poems? We've got open calls for chapbooks, full-length collections, opportunities, and residencies specifically for poets in March, April, and May of 2022. Check out the spreadsheet and find the perfect place to submit your poetry to.

In November, we learned the sad news that Entropy mag was closing its doors. After the initial guttural reaction, we had questions such as Where would we go to get submission info? Who would step in?

We now know that Heavy Feather Review is taking on this monumental task, and we’re hyped to see the resources they are able to provide the writing community. But we wanted to do our part to keep the tradition alive, so we’re excited to announce that we have our own submission series solely for poetry!

This spreadsheet will help you find new opportunities for you and your poems, any costs associated with those opportunities, upcoming deadlines, and more. To use the chart, access it through our link below, and sort by category, due date, fees, and more.



Some opportunities we’re buzzing about are the Four Way Books Levis Prize in Poetry, the $25,000 grant awarded as part of The National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowships, and Mom Egg Review’s open submission call, but we encourage you to find the ones that speak to you and your work.


If you notice an error or if you’d like to be added to the list, please email hello@telltellpoetry.com with WHERE TO SUBMIT in the subject line!


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