Anti-MFA® Prescription. |

Anti-MFA® Prescription.

You're sick with worry. Or heartbreak. Or a cold. Or just that existential grief brought on by COVID-19. Never fear. We have a little something for that.

Make mail way cooler with 1 handpicked book per month. Specifically for you.

You want some book recommendations that don’t suck, and gosh durnit, you want to heal your broken heart. I hear you, love, and I got you.
Sit for a (virtual) discovery session where you'll tell us exactly what ails you.
Our poetry pharmacists* will hand pick 1 book that they think will brighten your mood (or help you get deeper in it).
Open your mail to find 1 book a month picked specifically for you.
Bulk up your bookshelf with books you’ll actually read.
Restore your faith in the written word by discovering new authors that might become your next favorites.
*We are not real pharmacists but we are pretending. Okay?
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    The Anti-MFA® Mail Surprise Will Help You Feel Better

    Will you mail through Amazon?

    Ew, no. Bezos has enough money. We’ll gather everything we need from small bookstores so we can support the communities that really matter.

    What books will I get?

    I think the question is what books do you need. You might be surprised at what we send you.

    Can I return books?

    Nay, but you can regift them!

    Can you work with doctors and hospitals?

    You betcha. I’m happy to help doctors and hospitals find books for their patients. Email me to inquire more about how I can help.

    Can I buy this for a friend?

    Aww that’s cute. Yes, you can, but they’ll have to answer some questions for us so we know what they like!

    How much does this cost?

    Each monthly membership is $43.99 per month. The 99 cents adds up so we can buy ourselves pizza.

    Why isn’t this free?

    I know. I wish it were.

    What will I get?

    1 book a month based on your needs. Mailed right to your door or PO or school because you live in the city and can’t get mail to your house. I get it. (P.S. I wanted to do this with 3 books a month, but it was vetoed by the BEINGS ABOVE ME. If you’re interested in receiving 3 books a month, let me know and it’s on!)

    How do I sign up?

    Drop your details above and I’ll let you know as soon as we launch!