Features Overview

The days of you watching other people achieve their dreams is over. It's your time to share your voice with the world-- all those special, dark, brilliant moments that you've been saving in your writing; all the sad ones, all the happy poems. It's time to create something meaningful from all those pieces.

Manuscript Evaluation

This is for poets who want advice on their work. Is it any good? Will people read it? What are my strengths and weaknesses? Where should I focus my attention. We review and evaluate your manuscript, and we point out any gaps in your process. Want to take your book to the next level, but don't have time or money to work on the Little Black Book or hire a Fairy Godmother, this is for you.

* Services start at $500 for manuscript evaluations 

Little Black Book 

The little black book isn't just for dates anymore. We will detail the dates and plans for your manuscript. We'll give you 

Book Fairy Godmother