Don’t wait to publish your poetry.

You’ve done the hard work. You put everything into your collection, but now it’s just sitting there. The right time never came, you never got the support you needed, and now you’re a little scared that you’ll never make this happen.

But guess what? We’re here. And we’re going to walk you through the process. You don’t need any publishing experience or formal education. We will lead you through every step that you need to publish your poetry.

The ISBN acquisition, the detailed critique process, the careful proofreading, marketing material, cover and back jacket design and development . . . we’re here to help make your dream a reality.

Isn’t it about time you got your work out there?

Let’s publish your poetry collection in 90 days.

  • A deeply collaborative process will help you uncover the best parts of your manuscript and learn how to restructure the parts that aren’t working as well

  • A detailed manuscript evaluation will give you a step-by-step process to help you uncover next best steps

  • Your detailed arrangement suggestions will give you another way to imagine your poems

  • Multiple rounds of proofreading will help your work get attention for the right reasons

  • Detailed consultation services will help you choose the proper platform, pricing structure, and approach

  • Collaborative design services will give you a book you can actually hold

  • Technical support for those small details you don’t want to think about (the ISBN, the copyright mess, the marketing content, the platform selection)

My collection jumped in depth by leaps and bounds with Tell Tell Poetry. I would recommend Tell Tell Poetry to those looking to publish a beautiful book!
— Lindsay Berg, author of At Her Wooden Desk
Before Tell Tell, I had felt somewhat okay with the poem. I’ve never sought professional help/services, so I’ve always done my writing on my own. However, after Tell Tell, I felt much better- I was shown the areas where I needed to expand, the areas I needed to improve upon, and how it should all be done.
— Morgan Valentine, author of "Sylvia Dashwood's Pilgrimage"

Whatever you're working on, we'll help you polish it for publication or self-publication. Take a look at some of the books we've worked on, download a free self-publishing guide, read our testimonials, and get your manuscript moving today. Afraid of commitment? Spend one night with us to see how we can transform your poetry.