Get the ultimate self-publishing poetry guide today and self-publish tomorrow. Or self-publish today. You got this.

We answer all your questions and then some.

Get your readings set up the right way.

Use our easy copy and paste template to format your poetry collection.

Understand the top editing mistakes. 

Check your designs against our font cheatsheet.

This is the ultimate guide for self-publishing, and it’s a resource like no other. 

  • Check out the most popular self-publishing platforms and see our tips for choosing the one that’s right for you.

  • One 6” x 9” Word template included (just copy + paste your work in, bada-bing bada-boom. Pulitzer, here you come).

  • Learn how to organize and arrange your poems in a way that works for you.

  • See how to get a blurb or how to move forward happily without one. (Who needs you anyway, blurb!?)

  • Marketing? We have some ideas to get people talking about you.

  • Self-Publishing Checklist for all those tiny things you might forget about (like getting a separate ISBN for an eBook and print book. Yeah. We cover those).

  • Email templates for reaching out to bookstores or getting readers to come to events. Yeehaw.

  • Strategies for marketing your work and finding trusted outlets that will accept submissions.

  • Font cheatsheet to help you get started.

  • And all the details on ISBNs, copyright, taxes, and more!

Sneak Peek

It's a very comprehensive package that covers all aspects of the publishing cycle, and will save you a whole lot of time when it comes to getting your work out there in the world.

Francesca Baker, founder of And So She Thinks


This is a great resource to have with all of the necessary info in one place with a checklist and templates included.

—Cassandra Grisdale Bumpus, Author


Whoever is going to self-publish won't need more than this.

Sarah Houmani, Author

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The Self-Publishing Guide Answers All Your Questions

Can’t I just use one ISBN for all your projects?
Pro tip: nooooppeee

Can I just not pay taxes on the books I sell?
Naaahhh you can’t just not.

Can I do a reading alone or should I invite people?
You can always do a reading alone, but everything is more fun with friends.

What if I want to publish other people?
You have to register as a business. We'll talk about it in this guide.

How do I know which platform is right for me?
We have the skinny on all the best platforms and options for you.

Can I just not get my book edited?
Er. Yeah, you could. But why would you risk it?