Craft your poems like a trained poet.

You’ve been writing for a long time, but you don’t have a supportive environment. Sure, you share your work with your friends and family, but you get the same positive response. How do you know if your work is even working?

Enter Anti-MFA® courses. Become the poet you’ve been after.

  • Train how to break your line

  • Listen to private interviews with contemporary poets

  • Form a poetry community with training poets

  • Answer to your poetic voice

  • Take your poems from the drawer to a book

    This course is for you if…

You've been writing for a while, but you don’t really have a supportive community

You’re passionate about storytelling, but you want more accountability

An MFA is out of the question right now, but you want the same level of support

You want to feel more confident about how you approach poems

  • Hear from popular contemporary poets like Diane Seuss, Meg Eden, Alison Prine, and others.

  • Receive 1:1 feedback on poems created during the course.

  • Create a community by connecting with other training poets.

  • Pick up techniques borrowed from poets like Pablo Neruda, Danez Smith, Diane Seuss, Ocean Vuong, and others.

  • Craft poems from guided exercises and prompts.

  • Enhance your style by making craft decisions that align with what your poem needs.

  • Confidently approach the blank page by understanding poetic choices.

  • Write like a trained poet and trust your decisions when breaking the line, breaking the stanza, or exploring new forms.

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The Anti-MFA® Course Answers All Your Questions

Can’t I just break the line whenever I take a breath?
Pro tip: nooooppeee

Can I just only write in one form for the rest of my life?
Absolutely. But you might not want to…

Is formal poetry even important anymore?
Yes! And we’ll share some ideas why.

What if I want to make poetry friends?
We have all your poetry friends right here!

How do I know how to talk about my poems?
We have techniques to help you talk about your poems!

Will this course help me get closer to a collection?
Yeah! You’ll generate poems throughout the class that you can use later in collections.