Take smart steps to prep your book for publication.

  • Learn whether or not you should format your poetry differently

  • Figure out whether you should self-publish or publish traditionally

  • Learn about how to query editors or get set up to self-publish

  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses

  • Learn how to improve your poetry with a few simple steps

  • Discover smarter ways to edit your poetry collection

  • Uncover the main weaknesses that are holding your collection back

  • Get a step-by-step process to take you closer to publishing

  • Connect over the phone with Tell Tell Poetry

Everyone and their mother wrote a poetry book, but very few people are going to “make it.” And by make it, I mean publish it. But you’re different, right? You’re ready to get the process started, and the poetry playbook is going to help you get there. We’ll connect over the phone to talk about your goals, then you’ll send your work over! We’ll start reading it, and then we’ll whip up our magic. We’ll put on our editor pants (those are real pants that New York and Company used to sell), and we’ll take crazy notes. Books full of notes! Binders of notes! Then we’ll develop a step-by-step plan to help guide you to your end goal. Don’t have a goal? You’ll be swimming in goals by the end of this!

The Answers to All Your Questions

Is my collection “good enough”?
Pro tip: the better question to ask is whether your collection is “well crafted.”

Where should I self-publish this?
It depends on your goals. We’ll explore these.

Does the order of my poems make sense?
It might, but we’ll provide some other ideas to help you get moving.

Will anyone like my book?
They will by the time we’re done with them!

What do I have to do to publish my collection?
We’ll walk you through all that and more.