Shut your internal editor up. Hire one instead.


Need an Editor: Poetry Editor, MFA Help, Content Creation, Website Editor, Poetry Critiques, Fiction Critiques

Do you need a poetry editor, manuscript editor, content creator, or website editor? Are you looking for poetry critiques, fiction critiques, or a writing coach? Are you interested in polishing your poems so you can submit them to a chapbook contest? Do you need help editing your manuscript so you can send it out to publishers? Need a proofreader for a college paper? I provide poetry editing services, manuscript critique services, creative content solutions, MFA application help, and much more.

  • Poetry Editing: I will edit your poems and give you a personal critique.
  • Editing: I will edit your website, essay, presentation, college paper, business document, or magazine.
  • Manuscript Review: A manuscript review is great for someone who needs help selecting poems, editing poems, ordering poems, and submitting work.
  • Creative Content Help: Do you want someone to craft interesting copy for your author page? Need help running social media campaigns? I can write copy for your webpage, update your social media sites, and create unique marketing campaigns to help you get noticed.
  • MFA Help: I provide editing services for application letters, writing samples, and cover letters.
  • Poetry Consultations: I offer hour-long poetry consultations for people who need help generating ideas, crafting cover letters, and responding to editors.
  • Writing Coach:  Need help finishing those last few chapters? A writing coach can help you flesh out your ideas, find markets to submit to, and get organized.
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