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Where to Submit Your Prose Poems

If you have a stock-pile of prose poems that stare at you through the night and say things like "It's a shame you still haven't found a house for us," or "We should have known this would happen." Don't fret..there is hope my dear friend. Check out some of these magazines that accept prose poems. And, as my friends says, "You gotta play to win." So don't forget to play. And by play, I mean SUBMIT. Because, hey, even if you lose, at least you got to play. Below are 3 magazines that accept prose poems.

Diagram Magazine is full of awesome prose poems, cool diagrams (did you expect something else?) Check out diagram 1.4 for some funky, funky diagrams. Just what I needed to keep me inspired.

the prose poe

The prose-poem features PROSE POEMS!! woohoo. And you can even read the whole issue as if it were a print magazine  (Page-turning technology, that's for sure.)

boston literary magazine -- prose poems accepted

The Boston Literary Magazine accepts prose poems. But please, for your own sake, do not submit anything as an attachment. My rule of thumb is if it is written in CAPS LOCK, LISTEN TO IT.

Do you guys know of any awesome prose-poem accepting magazines?


Untoward Magazine

Word Riot



Liberal Latte

The Gigantic Mag