How to Write a Grad Paper

The way they tell me to write a grad paper 1. Explain the history of the problem (3-ish pages)

2. The problem/ "Thesis" (1 page)

3. Testing it out/Test it against text (12-ish pages)

4. How does this change things (3 pages)


The way I write a grad paper (in 20 steps)

1. Gather materials from the library (minus 3 books because I can't find them).

2. Discover google scholar. Try to find remaining materials but find nothing.

2. Cry.

3. Check my Facebook to see if my friends have written their papers yet.

4. Realize they have.

5. Take funny pictures of myself to send to my friends who have already done their work.

6. Look at my sources and cover them all in post-it notes.

7. Type up the sources I need.

8. Eat a Lean Cuisine.

Day 10

9. Look at my sources.

10. Cuddle in my blanket and pray I don't have to write it.

11. Get drunk & come up with thesis.

12. Write thesis down.

Day 40

13. Oh no.....


15. Whew. Drink coffee. 2 am. Done?

16. Create Works Cited.

17. Print.

18. Have my MFA friends edit my paper.

19. Cry.

20. Hand it in.


More Laughs, because we all need a little laughter

The following are from GIF Bin  

What I feel like when someone says, "The paper for Sam's class is due tonight."

A big train's com in


And then they say, "Oh wait, I'm looking at the schedule for next week."


What I feel like when students are waiting for me to answer a question that I don't know the answer to:


cute dog



What I feel like right after I change the subject when a student asks me a question I don't know the answer to.