Low-res vs. full-residency: How to Choose

Low-res programs Low-res MFA programs are just as good as full-residency programs but there are both good and bad things about low-res programs.

Low-res programs are good if:

  • You have to work/support a family
  • You have an established career
  • You don't want to move
  • You have enough money to spend (many times the funding for low-res programs is much lower tahn for full-res)

Low-res programs are bad if:

  • You want to teach (you don't get to teach at a low-res program and this could affect your chances of getting into a PhD program, or even getting a job after school. You have to take this into consideration when deciding whether or not you want a low-res or full-res program.)

What you need to remember is low-res programs are just as good, if not better, than full-res programs. Make your decision on whether or not you want a full-time school experience, or not. It's pretty much as simple as that. If you can afford it, and you'd rather keep your current job (or if you are already established in a career) then choose a low-res program. But if you want to be surrounded face-to-face with other writers with whom you can collaborate, if you really want that teaching time, or if you believe that being a full-time student will benefit your writing, then choose a full-res program.

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