5 Writers (and other famous people) Who Failed At First

Sometimes it's outright hard to get published. But you are not alone. Here is a list of writers who were rejected before they were famous: Jack London: The Call of the Wild seemed more like The Call of the Rejections. Before he was successful, his first short story received 600 rejection slips before it was published. 600 rejections! Wow. That sure beats my 36 rejections by a long shot.

Stephen King: Carrie received 30 rejections. After King threw it in the trash, his wife picked it out and helped him try again. (1) Who wouldn't want a wife like that?

Dr. Seuss: His first book I think that I saw it on Mulberry Street was turned down by 27 publishers. Where would we be today if he quit? (2) (Oh, the places you'll go, Dr. Seuss..)

J.K Rowling: Famous author of Harry Potter was rejected 12 times before she was published. (3)

Van Gogh: He only sold one painting in his lifetime, people. ONE! Do you know how many paintings I've sold? NONE! Do you know what that means? I very well could be a famous painter and not know it!

So if you aren't making it at first just think about how sad everyone will feel because they didn't publish you at first! Stay strong.

Information from: Online College

Dr. Seuss Picture: Dr. Seuss