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What To Do In The Mean Time: A List of Things to do While You Wait to Hear from Magazines

Waiting sucks. There are plenty of things that we do to distract ourselves once we submit a poem, story, or article. Some of the things I do include the following:  

1. Surfing the interweb. A friend introduced me to the evil blog (evil only because it wastes all my time) called What Should We Call Me



I wouldn't suggest going on that site unless you really really want to spend your whole day looking at hilarious gifs and then copying and pasting those links to your best friend's facebook page. Is it really worth it? Okay, yes it is. Go there.

2. Nothing. Number 1 is enough to keep you busy for the rest of your life. Now go forth and laugh!

Submission Response Times

from http://www.jefferybahr.com/Publications/RptSubTimes.asp

Wondering how long it takes for editors to get back to you? Check out this website for submission response times!

New to sending stuff out? Check out The Review Review's article on What Editor's Want

from http://www.thereviewreview.net/publishing-tips/what-editors-want-must-read-writers-submitti

Good luck submitting!