NY Times Haiku


Happy poetry month & happy April fool's day! To start poetry month & April fool's day, I thought I'd share the fact that the New York Times has a haiku bot. Can I have one of these in my house?

Haiku from The New York Times

Times haikus are computer generated by programmer Jacob Harris. Although the program does not follow proper haiku rules, neither did Jack Kerouac's haikus, and we're okay with that! The algorithm, like any good editor, discards poems that aren't as good.


all images are from NY Times Haiku

When you are finished looking through all the awesome haikus for National Poetry Month, make sure you check out (if you want, of course, I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to do) the Pulitzer remix where 85 poets will remix Pulitzer Prize-winning poets. The project is sponsored by the Found Poetry Review.

Are any of you guys working on poetry remixes?