Hummingbird Mind

20 Reasons To Read Hummingbird Mind By Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick

Here are 20 reasons why everyone should get a copy of Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick's chapbook Hummingbird Mind by Mouthfeel press. The following are all quotes from her chapbook. This is only a tiny list, there are more than 20 reasons to read this book.  

There are tiny cities on the skin (9).

After his mother's death, he began composing (10).

I feel I'm held together/because I'm loved by something (11).

What are you doing with the paper clips? he said (12).

Under the weight of what the dinner party tries to lift, loneliness vibrates (13).

I could wire my voice inside the ear (14).

---------------------I want to know something (15).

I did my breathing exercises today (17).

fields present themselves to horses (19).

I'd see things: starts, a Chopin symphony/floating madly (20).

to live, despite darkness (21).

You will never believe (23).

but friend, undo yourself and then get back to me (27).

To answer your question--no, I never learned about perennials (28).

Did you write me most days (29).

I have a friend named So-and-So,/mad about things like that (30).

Before she got sick/she stuck things in her blue jeans--pockets filled with letters (31).

I/snipped up her favorite clothes because I wanted to--/the slumber party was boring (32).

boxes of glow worms--/stand here (33).

her mouth--understand--her mouth (34).