Where to Submit in September

Labor Day came and went, so it's time to get down to business. Here's where we're going to submit this September:

The Fourth River: Each week, The Fourth River accepts nature/place-based work (“Tributaries”) for online publication.

Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review: Deadline – September 11

LUMINA: Themed Contest – “Borders & Boundaries” – September 15

Hunger Mountain: General Submissions on the theme “Masked/Unmasked” – September 15

Grist: September 15 – Also a great place to inquire about writing reviews for the journal

The Greensboro Review: The Robert Watson Literary Prizes – September 15

Robert Frost Foundation Annual Poetry Award: September 15 – For all you Frost lovers

Red Paint Hill Publishing: Red Paint Hill Poetry Journal: September 15

Inside the Bell Jar: September 15 – A new journal dedicated to work associated with mental illness

Wilda Morris’ Poetry Challenge: September 15 – A neat little prompt on the theme of “hometown”

Modern Poetry Quarterly Review: September 28

Tin House: September 30 – General submissions on themes “Rehab” and “True Crime”

Cold Mountain Review: September 30 – General submissions on theme “Forests”

Seattle Review: September 30

Sycamore Review: September 30

The Paterson Literary Review: September 30

Storyscape: September 30

Watershed Review: September 30

Nashville Review: September 30

Southwest Review: The Morton Marr Poetry Prize – September 30

The Cossack Review: September 30

Banango Street: September 30

Tinderbox Poetry Journal: September 30

Happy submitting!


Submission Response Times

from http://www.jefferybahr.com/Publications/RptSubTimes.asp

Wondering how long it takes for editors to get back to you? Check out this website for submission response times!

New to sending stuff out? Check out The Review Review's article on What Editor's Want

from http://www.thereviewreview.net/publishing-tips/what-editors-want-must-read-writers-submitti

Good luck submitting!

Where to Submit Your Prose Poems

If you have a stock-pile of prose poems that stare at you through the night and say things like "It's a shame you still haven't found a house for us," or "We should have known this would happen." Don't fret..there is hope my dear friend. Check out some of these magazines that accept prose poems. And, as my friends says, "You gotta play to win." So don't forget to play. And by play, I mean SUBMIT. Because, hey, even if you lose, at least you got to play. Below are 3 magazines that accept prose poems.

Diagram Magazine is full of awesome prose poems, cool diagrams (did you expect something else?) Check out diagram 1.4 for some funky, funky diagrams. Just what I needed to keep me inspired.

the prose poe

The prose-poem features PROSE POEMS!! woohoo. And you can even read the whole issue as if it were a print magazine  (Page-turning technology, that's for sure.)

boston literary magazine -- prose poems accepted

The Boston Literary Magazine accepts prose poems. But please, for your own sake, do not submit anything as an attachment. My rule of thumb is if it is written in CAPS LOCK, LISTEN TO IT.

Do you guys know of any awesome prose-poem accepting magazines?


Untoward Magazine

Word Riot



Liberal Latte

The Gigantic Mag


Weird, Freaky, & Fun: Most Interesting Literary Magazines

WEIRD: Ninth Letter Arts & Literary Journal:

ninth letter 

Full of weird pictures, small gifts, and awesomely strange literature, Ninth Letter is a magazine that is sure to fulfill the desires of your most interesting friends.




Anobium  magazine is full of freaky, surreal and beautiful writing. Most notably they publish, literary works, multimedia arts (awesome!) and cosmonautics. Need I say more? Awesome read. Cool ideas. Tons of inspiration!


Popshot Magazine:


Popshot Magazine is full of poetry and illustration. My two favorite things! What could be more fun than a line like "The Poetry & Illustration Magazine with the equivalent street credentials of your grandma." (from their website.) And trust me, my grandma has mad street cred.

Literary Magazines Resource Sites

Duotrope:  Duotrope is a great website where you can search by genre, category, sub genre and more. You can search for magazines that accept both fiction & poetry, so this is good for people who write in both genres.


Selby's List: A great website that is focused on bringing you a list of experimental poetry magazines.

literary journals

Every Writer's Resource: A list of the top 50 literary magazines.

list of literary magazines

About.com: About gives details about their top 10 small literary magazines!

wikipedia literary magazines

Wikipedia: A giant list of literary magazines. Although unlike some of the other sites, Wikipedia doesn't offer you any other information, so you might have to do a lot of clicking to find a site that's right for you.

web del sol

Web Del Sol: Web Del Sol's list of Literary Magazines includes both online and print magazines.



UPDATE: One of the lovely readers has pointed me to New Pages






New Pages is full of book reviews, awesome magazines and more. Check it out!