10 Reasons to read "The Royal Nonesuch"

Steven D. Schroeder's "The Royal Nonesuch" came out in 2013 by Spark Wheel Press. Here are 10 reasons to read "The Royal Nonesuch" immediately.  

Royal Nonesuch

1. "When I told him I feared/ the darkened yard, how long before garden gnomes/started appearing in my bedroom overnight?" (19).

2. "If by evening you mean overflowing crockpot" (23).

3. "I want to be a mogul,/ a highrise or charisma." (24).

4. "Chlamydia is a flower and a cash crop, so drop your pants" (38).

5. "Your song made better shoes and wheels and dreams and everything/ in every single size" (40).

6. "Benjamin get/ your bindle from despond, swim the English/ language" (42).

7. "Late-night regret comes on as a brunette/ is a bullshit line yet felt right at the time" (49).

8. "Let us tomato onions/ at old McDonald's salmonella" (53).

9. "Someone's body/ hits a river branch and breaks in half" (71).

10. "Half of every storyteller cuts the other off--" (78).